WAKOS in South American Contemporary Art Collection

I am very happy to be included in the "Al Limite" collection of South American contemporary art Magazine "Arte al Limite". The piece WAKO.felipe.tin Storyteller, a resin sculpture character painted with Posca pens and acrylics, inspired in Southamerican Pre-columbine mythology and contemporary pop-culture (Pre-columbine Pop, or Neo Ancestralism)  was acquired by the collection past October, from our exhibition "Wako World 2: Evolution", at Artium Gallery Santiago. The gallery in Santiago is lead by dynamic duo of Chilean gallerists, Eduardo Lira and Luz Barros who where enourmously generous in sharing their space with my WAKO characters. This was my third solo show, and my first abroad. It was a pleasure and privilege to do it in the neighbouring and dynamic Santiago de Chile.